The outside of the Louvre art museum on a cloudy day.

“Virtual Traveling” Brings the Entire World to You

Traveling around the world is a lifelong goal for many; destinations are put on buckets lists to be eventually be checked off, money from paychecks are put aside for years to be able to afford a trip, and the tourism industry contributed a whopping $9.26 trillion to the global GDP in 2019. However, travel is not always possible for people. Whether it be environmental factors, costs, physical ability, or something like the pandemic, many aren’t able to visit all the beautiful places they’ve bookmarked for a later date – until now!
Advancements in technology are now bringing tourism to your favorite devices: you can stroll through the Louvre, take a day trip to New York City, dive with the sea life in Australia and more, all from the comfort of your own home.
Everyone has their dream destinations around the world, and the Streamside team is excited to show you a few of the most popular places to visit, virtually!

The Louvre at Home

Surely you have heard of the Louvre art museum. If you have not, then we are glad to tell you this is likely the most well known museum in the world and it has been made virtual for you to explore!
Just looking at the Louvre from the outside is already like looking at a piece of art. The contemporary and attention grabbing glass pyramid entrance is beautifully juxtaposed in the courtyard of the former Louvre palace, built in the traditional French Renaissance style. You could spend a considerable amount of time just appreciating the architecture from the outside, but the real treasures are inside.
The Louvre is home to the Mona Lisa, as well as many other well-known masterpieces, and they are all ready for you to view. The Louvre’s virtual tour has been made so it is essentially like you are actually walking through the museum! It comes complete with adjustable 360 degree views, the ability to zoom in and out, options to learn more about a piece of art, and their very own “Louvre At Home” activities. If a virtual tour of the world’s most famous museum and the numerous masterpieces sounds interesting, then your journey starts here!

A Day Trip in New York

New York City is home to some of the most amazing museums and galleries in the world. Perhaps the two most notable exhibits in the city are The Metropolitan and the American Museum of Natural History. Just like the Louvre tours, these museums also allow you to explore the exhibits with a 360 degree view. Both of these museums contain some must-see exhibits that take you back to ancient and even prehistoric times! The Metropolitan contains artistic works from some of the world’s most prolific artists. Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Goh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Claude Monet, and many other notable artists are all featured and virtually viewable at The Met 360 Project.
The American Museum of Natural History is where you truly get to go back in time. The museum offers a vastly diverse collection of fossils from nearly complete tyrannosaurus-rex or mammoth fossils to fossils still set in stone. This museum is not all fossils though, it also displays exhibits on ancient Egyptian relics, the animals of Africa’s great plains, the ecology of Northern United States forests, 8 different ocean ecologies, and much, much more! While you can navigate your own way through the museum virtually, the American Museum of Natural History also offers guided tours through Facebook Live as well. Museums want nothing more than to educate and fascinate their visitors, so do them and yourself a favor by doing some virtual exploring of their exhibits.

Take a Dive While Staying Dry

One of the most incredible and immersive experiences is scuba diving over pristine coral reefs. Thankfully, the folks over at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have brought that experience to your screen. Discover what it is like to be immersed in an environment completely different from your own. While scuba diving in person is entirely different from scuba diving from your screen, the virtual experience shows you what it is like to be surrounded by the unfamiliar, yet magical underwater world all around you. For starters, take a dive to Big Momma, which is said to be the largest Porites coral head in the world at over 500 years old.

While you may not be able to travel due to Covid-19 protocols or it being unfeasible for your current situation – cost, age, medical condition, required assistance, etc. – the team at Streamside Assisted Living can help. We would love to help you visit the destinations of your dreams from the comfort and convenience of our assisted living facilities!

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