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The Benefits of Aging

We all fear getting older, but in reality, we just need to start owning our age. Aging is not something we should look at in a negative way! As we age, we start to realize things that we wish we would have known a long time ago.

We Stop Caring About Others Opinions

When we are younger we tend to really dwell on others’ perceptions of us and that sometimes holds us back from truly being ourselves. When we start aging, we start to care less about what others think and we start truly owning who we are. We create our own lives and we experience things that teach us that others’ opinions don’t matter as much as we might think. We begin to look back and regret spending so much time focused on others’ opinions of us that we never truly lived our life to the potential that we wanted to. As we age, this stigma goes away and we start doing things for the benefit of yourself and not others.

Family and Friends

As we age we start to realize how precious family and friends are. As our family grows from children to grandchildren we start to focus our lives on what our children are doing and what their children are doing. That one soccer game becomes more than just a soccer game, and that play becomes more than just a play. Watching those we love grow and learn allows us to grow and learn as well. As we age we think we have experienced all the life we possibly could have, but it only gets better the older we get. We start to pay attention to the small things because they tend to mean more than the bigger things in life. Younger ages focus on the big stuff and spend little time living in the moment with the small stuff. As we age we realize that throughout life it is all about the small things that lead up to the big stuff.

Our Priorities

As we age we start to notice how our priorities change. We begin to realize what matters and what doesn’t. We become better about separating our needs from our wants. We start to put others’ needs and wants before ours because that makes us happy. Being there for our children and grandchildren is one of the greatest gifts in life. We spend less time being stressed because we know that whatever happens is meant to be.

It’s Not That Bad

Aging is full of positive life aspects that we need to know when we are young, but that we never learn until later in life. It’s fun to watch others grow and learn something that we already know. Yes, some of the physical changes might seem like a bummer, but the wisdom is well worth it.

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