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Low-Impact Hobbies and Activities for Seniors this Summer

Now that summer is in full spring, we have found ourselves with more and more time in each day. Seeing as we have an average of 14 hours of daylight in each day during the summer to not only get the things we have to do done, we have more time to spend on the things we want to do.

Sometimes, this means we get to try new activities and enjoy new hobbies. Although, for most seniors, the reality becomes finding activities we genuinely enjoy that we are also able to appreciate on a regular basis.

For Summer, we have compiled a list of thrilling, low-impact activities for seniors to try out with their peers or on their own.

Get Reading

We all get stuck in the routines of reading our regularly scheduled, more-predictable-than-not content. That is not to say that the newspaper, our favorite magazines, and newsletters are not quality content but a change of pace can always spark new curiosities or entertain existing interests. New York Times Summer Reading list mentions 75 books to engage readers of all kinds. Barnes & Noble also offers Summer Reading options by genre. Audiobooks can also be a great outlet for those of us with more ‘on the go’ personalities.

Get Active

We all know physical activity, of any kind, has health benefits but it can also be a great way to interact with peers and raise spirits. Whether seniors get involved with walking group, water aerobics classes, tai chi, yoga, or even seated chair exercises, there is support across the valley. The Treasure Valley Family YMCA has a specific offering of senior activity classes.

Get Creative

Many retirees make the decision to try their hand at the activities they ran out of time for in their day-to-day raising their families or building their career. With more time and energy to dedicate to relaxation, art and creative endeavors become a great place to ease your mind. Artistic ventures have even been demonstrated to improve experiences for those suffering from chronic illnesses. Whether you start a ‘paint and sip’ group in your senior living community or set aside time and materials for inner peace, art can be a great opportunity for self-reflection or social interaction.

Get Outside

While physical activity is often associated with the outdoors, spending time outside can also be a calming experience for more idled activities. Vitamin D exposure can be an incredibly important asset for seniors, even strengthening bone density and protecting seniors from fractures. Picnics, gardening, puzzling and even just resting in full or partial sunlight can drastically enhance living experience for seniors.

Looking into alternative activities for seniors can seem difficult or daunting but any activity can be fit suit the needs and desires for any senior, especially those in assisted living facilities. Reach out to a healthcare provider or care professional for more ideas specific to you or the senior in your life.

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