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Home Safety For Seniors

Everyone wants to feel safe within their home, and the same goes for your loved ones. If you are not quite ready to make the move to an assisted living facility, removing a few items and adding a few others can make the home safer and more comfortable.

Fall Hazards

A small trip can have serious consequences for seniors. By recognizing and removing potential hazards within the home, you can ensure that you or your loved one will be safer within your own home.


Although they may spice up a room, rugs are just asking to be tripped on. An old rug will likely fold up on the corners, creating a fall hazard. It is best to either skip the rugs or get one that is very flat and has a non-slip bottom.


Clutter becomes another potential hazard within the home. When individuals get older, vision decreases. This can lead to a possible trip on the clutter throughout a home that may not be as visible as it used to be.

Open Space

Open space equals fewer hazards. By clearing out space for only essential items, you or your loved one can feel safer within the home.

Safe Bathroom

Bathrooms are a space that is used many times throughout the day and often in the middle of the night when it is dark. By adding a few items, you can make the area safer.

Grab Bars

Installing grab bars by the toilet and in the shower can help with additional stability when you or your loved one’s balance declines.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats throughout the bathroom prevent slipping on wet surfaces. It is essential to put on in the shower and other locations as needed. In order to make the shower even safer, consider installing a walk-in tub.

Toilet Seat

Consider replacing the toilet seat with a raised seat that has handlebars. This allows for a shorter drop down to the toilet seat which is safer for weaker joints.

Adjust Lighting

Aging eyes don’t see as well as they used to. Installing motion-detecting lights can ease the work for you or your loved one to make a safer environment. Also consider adding more lamps and other lights throughout the room to ensure a well lit, clear path.


Overall accessibility and convenience is the most important factor for an aging senior. Balance and motor functions do not work as well as you get older, so make sure everything within the home is easily accessible to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Emergency Numbers

It is important to make sure that emergency numbers are easily accessible in case something does happen. Keep these numbers on speed dial, on the fridge, or somewhere else they can be retrieved easily.
If taking these steps isn’t enough, it may be best to enroll yourself or your loved one into an assisted living facility. Streamside Assisted Living is an excellent option that values both safety and comfort. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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