Winter-themed presents on a table next to pinecones and a pair of scissors

Fun, Homemade Winter Decorations for Seniors

Now that the seasons are starting to change in the Treasure Valley, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season! The best way to get in the holiday spirit? Themed decorations! Whether you are wanting to spice up your living space, find activities to keep your brain active, looking for gift ideas, or are just excited for the coming months, holiday decorations are the way to go, and Streamside Assisted Living has you covered with some of the best ideas to get you started!

Homemade Ornaments

There is no better gift than one that is homemade. Ornaments are cheap, easy to make, and offer the option of a lot of customizability. The easiest way to start making a homemade ornament is to use a popsicle stick or two as a base, and decorate it with glitter, stickers, markers, and other small items. When they’re all done, you just have to attach a decorative ribbon to them and they’re ready to be hung up or given to family and friends!

Colorful Coasters

All of that wintertime hot chocolate and coffee have to go somewhere, right? There are many options when it comes to winter and holiday-themed coasters. You can start with actual ceramic tile as a base, or go simple and use a foam pad. If you’re going the ceramic route, you can use a combination of acrylic paints, nail polish, or watercolors to create your design. For the foam base, it would be best to glue felt or other foam to bring your ideas to life. You have the choice to make it however you want, and these can be actually used as coasters but they also make great ornaments!

Window Decorations

An easy way to winterize the view from a room (even if there isn’t snow on the ground outside) is with window decorations! These can range from all difficulty levels and be as artistic or as simple as you want. Some of the most popular include snowflakes made with glue, simple wreaths, and other pre-made hanging decorations that are ready to be customized to your liking.

At Streamside Assisted Living, we have an array of social and recreational activities that are sure to keep your loved ones entertained and having a good time in our community. Contact us or visit our website to see more of what Streamside has to offer!

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