A holiday pumpkin in a assisted living home

Fall Décor Ideas in Assisted Living

The holiday season is here. Don’t let your assisted living apartment feel cold and uninviting. Get cozy with these charming décor ideas.

Placemats & Centerpieces

If you have a smaller table in your assisted living apartment, then don’t be afraid to mix and match the placemat colors. Use variations of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. You can also create amazing centerpieces with pomegranates and decorative pumpkins.

Orange Accents

Nothing says fall more than orange blanket and pillow accents. To create an autumn mood, purchase a throw blanket or pillow that mimics the color of foliage in fall. Choose one that is cozy as well. The weather may be chilly so stay warm in style. It can also be used for general décor since the color orange creates a sense of warmth, making the space feel more inviting.


To reduce the hazard of tripping, buy battery-powered candles that can be placed in plastic pumpkin holders. If you are wanting to replace any of the lighting in your apartment, opt for warm white or orange glow lights that can still offer high visibility at night.

Simple Pictures

Sometimes more simplistic décor is all you will want to create an autumn ambiance. Because the leaves are falling all over, if you find a beautifully colored one, place it on a piece of white paper and frame it for a clean seasonal look.

Chalkboard Recipes

Craft stores have gotten clever for fall décor this year. You can find several chalkboard frame variations that has either leaves, pumpkins, or some other kind of fall aesthetic on them. Write down your favorite pumpkin pie recipe or little holiday family reminders. The chalkboard will also aid in memory recall for seniors needing memory care services.

Grandchildren Crafts

We all know that the little ones are given fall crafts to make during school. These made-with-heart craft projects are perfect for fall decorations in a senior assisted living facility. It becomes even better when there is a photo attached to really bring in a sense of family. Create a magnet out of the craft, or frame it on your side table, for a small autumn boost.

Sentimental Value

Some assisted living apartments are smaller than the house or apartment a senior was in before transitioning. So, for family members, it can be very special for you to bring in décor from your own home or décor from their home that they’ve put away when moving. A lot of the time most holiday decorations are put in a box never to be found again. By taking the time to dig through your garage, you may find memorable decorations that would bring value to the assisted living apartment your loved one is in.

Before You Go

Before going to Hobby Lobby or Michaels be sure to check the guidelines of your assisted living center. Some décor may not be up to code, or just pose a hazard to the facility. Keep in mind physical capabilities, and health too. Enjoy this season and be sure to surround yourself with family and friends. The holidays are meant to be celebrated, so whether you want to do one of the above or many of the above, choose décor options that will make the apartment feel more like home.

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