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Home Safety For Seniors

Everyone wants to feel safe within their home, and the same goes for your loved ones. If you are not quite ready to make the move to an assisted living facility, removing a few items and adding a few others can make the home safer and more comfortable.

Fall Hazards

A small trip can have serious consequences for seniors. By recognizing and removing potential hazards within the home, you can ensure that you or your loved one will be safer within your own home.


Although they may spice up a room, rugs are just asking to be tripped on. An old rug will likely fold up on the corners, creating a fall hazard. It is best to either skip the rugs or get one that is very flat and has a non-slip bottom.


Clutter becomes another potential hazard within the home. When individuals get older, vision decreases. This can lead to a possible trip on the clutter throughout a home that may not be as visible as it used to be.

Open Space

Open space equals fewer hazards. By clearing out space for only essential items, you or your loved one can feel safer within the home.

Safe Bathroom

Bathrooms are a space that is used many times throughout the day and often in the middle of the night when it is dark. By adding a few items, you can make the area safer.

Grab Bars

Installing grab bars by the toilet and in the shower can help with additional stability when you or your loved one’s balance declines.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats throughout the bathroom prevent slipping on wet surfaces. It is essential to put on in the shower and other locations as needed. In order to make the shower even safer, consider installing a walk-in tub.

Toilet Seat

Consider replacing the toilet seat with a raised seat that has handlebars. This allows for a shorter drop down to the toilet seat which is safer for weaker joints.

Adjust Lighting

Aging eyes don’t see as well as they used to. Installing motion-detecting lights can ease the work for you or your loved one to make a safer environment. Also consider adding more lamps and other lights throughout the room to ensure a well lit, clear path.


Overall accessibility and convenience is the most important factor for an aging senior. Balance and motor functions do not work as well as you get older, so make sure everything within the home is easily accessible to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Emergency Numbers

It is important to make sure that emergency numbers are easily accessible in case something does happen. Keep these numbers on speed dial, on the fridge, or somewhere else they can be retrieved easily.
If taking these steps isn’t enough, it may be best to enroll yourself or your loved one into an assisted living facility. Streamside Assisted Living is an excellent option that values both safety and comfort. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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Tips for Easing the Transition to Assisted Living

Change can be hard, especially when moving to an unfamiliar place. Here are a few tips to ease the process and make you more comfortable in your new home.

Get Help

Transitions can be hard and stressful when you are on your own. Whether it be your family or movers that you’ve hired, it is always nice to have help. Downsizing an entire house or apartment, along with fitting all of your belongings into an assisted living home, is a challenging task. Support from others eases the process.

Visit Before You Move

It is always good to know what you are getting yourself into in order to reduce stress and anxiety about the move. Familiarity with the facility, people, schedule, and overall environment can be extremely beneficial. Making sure that a facility can tend to all of your needs is important before committing to the move. It is also important that family members or friends are familiar with the space and schedule as well in order to be able to tend to the person’s needs. Familiarity with the schedule of an assisted living facility allows family and friends to visit more frequently and regularly.

Personalize Your Space

Streamside wants to make you feel as comfortable and at home as possible. By personalizing your space, it can feel homier, so decorate! Personalizing your space for special occasions, holidays, or just every day provides a comforting feeling within your space. Personalizing a home allows for comfort and independence within the facility.

Make Informed Decisions

Much of the difficulty in moving to an assisted living facility is the feeling that you are losing a sense of independence. It is important to keep similar routines and make similar decisions to those you would make at home. For some, this may be including family in all decisions about the care you are receiving or running it by another person. Before moving, it may be helpful to look at their website, talk to current residents or staff, and get all the information. This may include drawing up a blueprint of the room that you will be living in and using cut-outs to represent furniture and “decorate.” It also helps you know what to include when downsizing for the move.

Get Involved

When visiting the assisted living facility, find activities and events that are available to residents. Being involved in your community eases the transition and can make you feel more comfortable and welcomed. This could be as simple as finding puzzles, board games, or a group of individuals to have a weekly book club with or as complex as what permanent facilities are offered, such as a pool or gym. Activities and events such as these occupy the mind and create a distraction from the overwhelming feeling of moving. This also helps to establish a comfortable routine.
At Streamside Assisted Living in Boise, Idaho, it is our goal to provide residents with a comfortable environment and excellent living conditions. Contact us if you have any questions about moving into our facility!

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5 Reasons Why You Want to Move to Assisted Living

In the past, assisted living has had a negative connotation, but it doesn’t have to! Assisted living is oftentimes an excellent option for seniors to guarantee comfort and safety.

Safer Living Environment

Although most people value their independence highly, a home environment can still be achieved at an assisted living home. Assisted living provides individuals with a safe, comfortable environment. These environments utilize modifications and tools to make everyday activities safer for residents. Adjustments are often made in the bathroom, such as higher toilets; in the kitchen, such as single-level faucets that can balance water temperature; in the living room, such as removing rugs as they are a tripping hazard; and avoiding all stairs. These changes allow for safety within the home environment along with providing comfort.

Fitness and Physical Therapy

The goal of assisted living communities is to help seniors feel comfortable and stay young at heart. This can be achieved by maintaining a regular exercise routine or participating in physical activities. In addition to the physical therapy and memory care that is offered, opportunities for physical fitness in assisted living go far beyond what caregivers can provide in a home environment. The convenience of treatment being located in close proximity helps to ensure the safety and comfort of the individual living in an assisted living community.

Healthy Dining

Caregiving in the home does not allow for sufficient supervision regarding eating habits and nutrition. Additionally, the inability to cook can cause significant nutritional deficiencies. Meals in an assisted living community are either served or help can be provided to prepare them, customized to specific medical conditions. This ensures sufficient nutrition in order to avoid faster health declines.

Assistance in Activities of Daily Living

Assisted living allows individuals to focus on themselves and their health as opposed to other obligations that come with living on your own, such as yard work or housekeeping. This allows for more utilization of available resources and activities that make them happier and healthier. Streamside Assisted Living offers a variety of activities that create opportunities for social interaction, entertainment, and recreation.

Socializing Opportunities

Social isolation has been shown to lead to poor health outcomes. Seniors often times have a hard time engaging in socialization due to being retired, no longer being able to attend social events, or their friends/spouse may have passed away. Assisted living hosts engagement with others to provide easy social interaction.
Assisted living has been shown to provide many benefits for senior citizens. It takes the stress away from both the individual and caregivers in order to ensure a happier, healthier, and safer environment. Enroll yourself or your loved one into Streamside Assisted Living to ensure comfort and contentment.

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The Benefits of Aging

We all fear getting older, but in reality, we just need to start owning our age. Aging is not something we should look at in a negative way! As we age, we start to realize things that we wish we would have known a long time ago.

We Stop Caring About Others Opinions

When we are younger we tend to really dwell on others’ perceptions of us and that sometimes holds us back from truly being ourselves. When we start aging, we start to care less about what others think and we start truly owning who we are. We create our own lives and we experience things that teach us that others’ opinions don’t matter as much as we might think. We begin to look back and regret spending so much time focused on others’ opinions of us that we never truly lived our life to the potential that we wanted to. As we age, this stigma goes away and we start doing things for the benefit of yourself and not others.

Family and Friends

As we age we start to realize how precious family and friends are. As our family grows from children to grandchildren we start to focus our lives on what our children are doing and what their children are doing. That one soccer game becomes more than just a soccer game, and that play becomes more than just a play. Watching those we love grow and learn allows us to grow and learn as well. As we age we think we have experienced all the life we possibly could have, but it only gets better the older we get. We start to pay attention to the small things because they tend to mean more than the bigger things in life. Younger ages focus on the big stuff and spend little time living in the moment with the small stuff. As we age we realize that throughout life it is all about the small things that lead up to the big stuff.

Our Priorities

As we age we start to notice how our priorities change. We begin to realize what matters and what doesn’t. We become better about separating our needs from our wants. We start to put others’ needs and wants before ours because that makes us happy. Being there for our children and grandchildren is one of the greatest gifts in life. We spend less time being stressed because we know that whatever happens is meant to be.

It’s Not That Bad

Aging is full of positive life aspects that we need to know when we are young, but that we never learn until later in life. It’s fun to watch others grow and learn something that we already know. Yes, some of the physical changes might seem like a bummer, but the wisdom is well worth it.

santa claus and snowman stuffed decorations

Easy Holiday Decor in Assisted Living

‘Tis the season to deck the halls here at Streamside Assisted Living in Nampa, Idaho. With these easy and fun tips on how to decorate your home with the perfect holiday decor and how to make them brighten up the senior living community, you won’t want the holiday cheer to end. Here are some quick and fun decor ideas for your assisted living home.


Holiday lights are heartwarming and make your space feel a little more homey during the winter season. There are so many options of lights so that you can find the perfect color and style for your home. Whether it is white,blue,red, or even multicolor there are lights out there for you.
A majority of these lights also come with a battery power option as well so it is not drawing any unnecessary power, or causing a trip hazard from wires. Holiday lights bring a room to life but there are other options for lights as well. Such as a light up holiday sign or a small lit up tree for the bedside.


There are so many fun holiday crafts out there that bring in the holiday spirit. Some famous ones are paper snowflakes that can be homemade and are always special. You can make them together in a group or on your own to pass the time.
Gingerbread houses are always a holiday specialty and can be very entertaining to make with and for family members. Ornaments are also a very popular and fun holiday craft to make. All these ideas can be found on Pinterest which have breakdowns and step-by-step instructions for each craft.

Senior Activities

Giving people the tools needed to knit or make quilts is another holiday gift you can add to your shopping list. Creating a wishing tree in an assisted living home can bring a humble atmosphere to the area. The gift of giving is sometimes the best kind of gift and a wishing tree will allow residents to ask for something and receive something.
The chance to participate in holiday events will build a positive aura in the home, no matter who you are. These activities can be fun when in groups of friends or in groups of family members. Be sure to consider some of these activities when having visitors during the holiday season. You can break the ice easily by engaging in problem-solving board games.

Cozy Must Haves

Fuzzy socks, soft blankets, fuzzy pajamas, the famous ugly sweaters, these are all must haves during the cold holiday season. Holiday themed fuzzy socks can be found at your local Dollar store, Marshalls, Target, or even WalMart. Soft blankets that have snow flakes, candy canes, Santa Clauses, or snowmen are all great holiday themed blankets. Or just buying colors such as red, white, green, and blue will bring in that holiday happiness. These small additions to a room can make a big difference.

Streamside Residents

It can be easy to go overboard on decorations. Especially if Christmas and Hanukkah are very special for you. Be sure to not cause any hazards for you and fellow residents at Streamside Assisted Living. Spend your money and time wisely by crafting a lot of the decorations yourself. Even the simplest craft like a paper snowflake can make all the difference.

Multicolor game pieces on a blue background

These Board Games Improve Memory and Problem Solving

Christmas is right around the corner. Instead of buying another scarf or blanket, invest in a game that will challenge your mind and jog your memory. Board games while not as popular as they used to be, still have a timeless feel. If you’re looking for some easy entertainment and fun, then these board games can provide you with just that and more. Strengthening your memory and problem-solving skills is especially important for residents in assisted living care centers.

The Settlers of Catan

Catan or rather, Settlers is a multiplayer board game where players become settlers and try to build their holding areas by acquiring resources and trading them. This is a game that requires lots of communication and strategizing. The great thing about it is that it is fairly easy to learn, so picking up on the rules should be simple. The typical amount of players is 3-4 but with expansions, this number can increase.

Ticket to Ride

Trains! This game is great for geography and conversing about your travels. Players are given cards that have different kinds of train cars. You then use these cards to mark your train route with the small train shaped pieces. Your goal is to connect to destination cities and or create the longest route. The classic version mimics a map of North America, whereas other variations of the game cover other countries. This can spark memories of past travels and family genealogy.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

The board of this game mimics that of Clue where there are several rooms in a large house, players have to navigate through. Different rooms within the mansion contain items, omens, or traps. You are all allies until the “haunt” begins where one of the player’s sides with the monsters and ghosts. The betrayer assumes the role of one of the monsters and remaining players must strategize to defeat them.
This game is pretty hefty to learn, but once you’ve played once, you won’t want to stop. Every time you play it’s like a brand new game. Anyone or no one could become the betrayer at any moment. The suspense and variability of the game keeps it fresh and you won’t easily burn out after a few times.

Incan Gold

Speaking of traps. Incan Gold is a game where players have to collect treasure all while avoiding traps and hauling your findings back to camp. A total of eight people can play this game, so it makes it great for large gatherings. This board game for seniors will exercise their problem-solving and creativity. Luckily, because it’s a luck-based game, it’s just a question of how lucky are you? And How much are you willing to risk?


We had to include this board game. Studies have shown that chess offers numerous amounts of health benefits. A big part of it is memory improvement. Players have to remember their opponents playing style, rules, and mistakes. Chess sparks both sides of the brain to work, so players can show off their logical and creative side all at once. Someone great at chess exhibits high memory recall and performance. There is something very calming about playing chess. With its ability for players to keep to themselves and strategize in their heads, chess is a game that can be enjoyed without speaking a word.

Assisted Living Nampa

If your assisted living center doesn’t already have some of these board games, then I would consider gifting these to your friends and family. They are a great way to connect and compete with fellow residents and family members. At Streamside Assisted Living in Nampa Idaho, we provide a helping hand when you need it most. Our residents are an important part of what we do, so we make sure their stay is as comfortable and fun as they want it to be.

Nostalgic Candy on a Wooden Table

The Nostalgic Candy We Know and Love

Halloween is right around the corner. Ever thought about the different types of candy that are out there nowadays? There are so many variations and new names that are becoming kid favorites today. What about when you were young? Let’s go over some nostalgic candies that you may have had in the past or are snacking on right now.

You may find some of these candies lurking around your assisted living center in Nampa. Read below to see if you find any familiar candies from your childhood, and feel free to share these small stories about each one.

Jelly Beans

How could we not mention Jelly Beans? With their variety of flavors, these sugar-packed beans of greatness are a top favorite among many people.

Members of the popular band The Beatles didn’t so much enjoy these candies as much as we have. They went through quite the experience when they were pelted with jelly beans at a concert in 1964. George told a New York reporter, “Every now and again, one would hit a string on my guitar and plonk off a bad note as I was trying to play.”

Nonetheless, we still love the darn things.

Lemon Heads

Did your mouth salivate reading that? These sour but sweet candies were created in 1962, and are still making people pucker their lips. The inventor gained inspiration for naming the candy after noticing his grandson’s head was shaped like a lemon. Maybe he should have kept that to himself, but then again we wouldn’t want LemonHeads to have never existed in the first place.


I remember trying some of these and being very confused by the texture. It wasn’t until my grandmother sang, First it’s a candy, then it’s a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun.” that I knew I wasn’t supposed to swallow it. If you want to confuse your grandchildren, then I would highly suggest handing them a pack of Razzles. Originally these were only raspberry flavored, but have since come in a variety of flavors as the years have gone on.

Werther’s Original

These hard caramels are an addicting addition to your Halloween stash. These candies provide a soothing caramel experience that lasts. Their signature gold wrappers make them very visually appealing for placement in clear decorative bowls too. If you want a small taste of Germany, then Werther’s Original is the candy for you. They also have a caramel kitchen in the Germany Pavilion at Epcot in Disney World.

Tootsie Roll

Whatever you see, does it become a Tootsie Roll to you? Talk about another candy with a nostalgic jingle. The unique texture of these candies makes it a hot commodity even today. Because they were the first penny candy to be individually wrapped, they became easily shareable.

Tootsie Roll Industries has grown substantially and acquired several other candies like Andes Mints, DOTS, and Razzles under their corporate umbrella. If you’re a fan of lollipops then their Tootsie Pops give you two candies in one. They also offer a Clean Stick Award for anyone who finds out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Senior Living Nampa

Fall is chilly, warm your heart by sharing these small stories about all of your favorite candies at Streamside. It’s important that the residents at Streamside Assisted Living find joy in little things like this. We aim to provide a helping hand when you need it while ensuring your independence is still there. Your senior living center doesn’t have to be stripped of holiday cheer, buy some candy that reminds you of your trick-or-treating days.

A holiday pumpkin in a assisted living home

Fall Décor Ideas in Assisted Living

The holiday season is here. Don’t let your assisted living apartment feel cold and uninviting. Get cozy with these charming décor ideas.

Placemats & Centerpieces

If you have a smaller table in your assisted living apartment, then don’t be afraid to mix and match the placemat colors. Use variations of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. You can also create amazing centerpieces with pomegranates and decorative pumpkins.

Orange Accents

Nothing says fall more than orange blanket and pillow accents. To create an autumn mood, purchase a throw blanket or pillow that mimics the color of foliage in fall. Choose one that is cozy as well. The weather may be chilly so stay warm in style. It can also be used for general décor since the color orange creates a sense of warmth, making the space feel more inviting.


To reduce the hazard of tripping, buy battery-powered candles that can be placed in plastic pumpkin holders. If you are wanting to replace any of the lighting in your apartment, opt for warm white or orange glow lights that can still offer high visibility at night.

Simple Pictures

Sometimes more simplistic décor is all you will want to create an autumn ambiance. Because the leaves are falling all over, if you find a beautifully colored one, place it on a piece of white paper and frame it for a clean seasonal look.

Chalkboard Recipes

Craft stores have gotten clever for fall décor this year. You can find several chalkboard frame variations that has either leaves, pumpkins, or some other kind of fall aesthetic on them. Write down your favorite pumpkin pie recipe or little holiday family reminders. The chalkboard will also aid in memory recall for seniors needing memory care services.

Grandchildren Crafts

We all know that the little ones are given fall crafts to make during school. These made-with-heart craft projects are perfect for fall decorations in a senior assisted living facility. It becomes even better when there is a photo attached to really bring in a sense of family. Create a magnet out of the craft, or frame it on your side table, for a small autumn boost.

Sentimental Value

Some assisted living apartments are smaller than the house or apartment a senior was in before transitioning. So, for family members, it can be very special for you to bring in décor from your own home or décor from their home that they’ve put away when moving. A lot of the time most holiday decorations are put in a box never to be found again. By taking the time to dig through your garage, you may find memorable decorations that would bring value to the assisted living apartment your loved one is in.

Before You Go

Before going to Hobby Lobby or Michaels be sure to check the guidelines of your assisted living center. Some décor may not be up to code, or just pose a hazard to the facility. Keep in mind physical capabilities, and health too. Enjoy this season and be sure to surround yourself with family and friends. The holidays are meant to be celebrated, so whether you want to do one of the above or many of the above, choose décor options that will make the apartment feel more like home.

An elderly man in memory care

What is Memory Care?

Many seniors and families come across memory care services when they are looking for residential communities. However, because memory care was not always available, many people do not know what it entails.

Memory Care Support

Memory care is centered around individuals or couples dealing with memory-oriented conditions late in their life. Some of these impacted conditions or disorders are dementia, Alzheimer’s, Agnosia, Parkinson’s, etc. Because the expectations of support for memory care residents are different than those not managing these experiences, the level of care is inherently specialized.

Accessory Care

Some of these added supportive measures may require administrative needs that a spouse, family member, or friend just does not have the expertise in, feel comfortable doing, or have the time to organize. This can include:

  • Emergency support
  • Immediate medical care
  • Medication management
  • Providing regular meals
  • Nutritional monitoring
  • Fitness programming
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • And more!

Importance of Memory Care

As you have read, memory care is a more specialized area in assisted living. Memory care emphasizes a more relaxed space for their residents. Because a lot of individuals have varying forms of dementia, they can become easily stressed out. If they do become stressed, they may wander. To keep them relaxed you will notice in memory care facilities there are hallways painted bright colors, a lot of natural light, and areas to gather for entertainment are offered.

The security of having your loved one in memory care is higher than usual too. To prevent your family member from wondering out the exit, they are monitored closely by a professional. Because they are being watched more, this does not take away from their daily activities. They are still able to have fun with the many programs offered by the facility.

Sensitivity Support

Memory care staff are usually much more attuned to their residents’ needs. They maintain personal and sensitive support for their residents, allowing them to keep a close eye on changes in their health and wellbeing. This is often something that extended families are unable to provide because of their routines, schedules, and needs. Through their respective medical and senior training experiences, memory care providers and specialists can be as attentive as possible without the added stress, pressure, or guilt that families often experience in trying to care for their own. This is not to say that families cannot provide for their own but rather that memory care is uniquely suited toward these individuals’ needs.

Better Living, Better Life

Senior living can be stressful enough to consider. Add memory care considerations on to that and it may seem easier to just keep things the way they are. There is support out there geared to provide the highest levels of care and assistance with memory-related conditions in mind. These support systems with access to state-of-the-art facilities and unmatched service offer you and your family the relief you may be seeking. Senior living has never looked so good!