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5 Reasons Why You Want to Move to Assisted Living

In the past, assisted living has had a negative connotation, but it doesn’t have to! Assisted living is oftentimes an excellent option for seniors to guarantee comfort and safety.

Safer Living Environment

Although most people value their independence highly, a home environment can still be achieved at an assisted living home. Assisted living provides individuals with a safe, comfortable environment. These environments utilize modifications and tools to make everyday activities safer for residents. Adjustments are often made in the bathroom, such as higher toilets; in the kitchen, such as single-level faucets that can balance water temperature; in the living room, such as removing rugs as they are a tripping hazard; and avoiding all stairs. These changes allow for safety within the home environment along with providing comfort.

Fitness and Physical Therapy

The goal of assisted living communities is to help seniors feel comfortable and stay young at heart. This can be achieved by maintaining a regular exercise routine or participating in physical activities. In addition to the physical therapy and memory care that is offered, opportunities for physical fitness in assisted living go far beyond what caregivers can provide in a home environment. The convenience of treatment being located in close proximity helps to ensure the safety and comfort of the individual living in an assisted living community.

Healthy Dining

Caregiving in the home does not allow for sufficient supervision regarding eating habits and nutrition. Additionally, the inability to cook can cause significant nutritional deficiencies. Meals in an assisted living community are either served or help can be provided to prepare them, customized to specific medical conditions. This ensures sufficient nutrition in order to avoid faster health declines.

Assistance in Activities of Daily Living

Assisted living allows individuals to focus on themselves and their health as opposed to other obligations that come with living on your own, such as yard work or housekeeping. This allows for more utilization of available resources and activities that make them happier and healthier. Streamside Assisted Living offers a variety of activities that create opportunities for social interaction, entertainment, and recreation.

Socializing Opportunities

Social isolation has been shown to lead to poor health outcomes. Seniors often times have a hard time engaging in socialization due to being retired, no longer being able to attend social events, or their friends/spouse may have passed away. Assisted living hosts engagement with others to provide easy social interaction.
Assisted living has been shown to provide many benefits for senior citizens. It takes the stress away from both the individual and caregivers in order to ensure a happier, healthier, and safer environment. Enroll yourself or your loved one into Streamside Assisted Living to ensure comfort and contentment.

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