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4 Great Outdoor Activities For Spring

The sun is shining and it’s time to take advantage of the warm weather before the summer heat really starts to kick in! There is a wide range of outdoor activities available during spring, but there are some that are more relaxing than others. If you are looking for some peaceful hobbies, the Streamside Assisted Living team picked out a few that we think you should try out this spring!


Plants are a great way to bring a little extra life into your home or apartment, and spring is the perfect time to start your mini garden! Gardening is a stress-reducing activity that you can do outdoors in the sunshine, and then you can bring your newly planted flora into your living space to enjoy all day long. Flowers, herb gardens, and succulents are low maintenance plants that require little attention so you don’t have to worry if you forget to water them!

Painting Outside Scenery

The sun is finally shining, so why not let your creative side shine too! Whether you’re setting up an easel in the park or just stopping to sit on a park bench, painting or drawing is a great way to get outside and enjoy the warm spring weather. Painting is a carefree activity that allows you to portray your own perspective and bask in the beauty of nature. Once you finish your painting, you can hang it in your home to enjoy or give it to a friend or loved one as a gift.

Walks With Friends

Walks are not only beneficial for your physical health, but they have numerous advantages for your mental health as well. A few of the health benefits you can gain from walking for at least 30 minutes a day include enhanced sleep quality, strengthened muscles, and improved circulation. Starting a walking group with your friends can foster a great sense of community and help you hold each other accountable to walk every day!

Go To The Farmers Market

The local farmers market is a great way to get away from your home and get out into the world while still staying in a peaceful environment. The live music in the distance, the smell of fresh food, and the comradery are soothing and a great escape from your everyday routine. Most cities or counties have weekly farmers markets and many assisted living facilities have transportation services that can take you anywhere!

Outdoor activities are a great pastime during the spring while the weather is warm and the trees are turning green again! If you have any questions about the activities that are available in our assisted living facility, contact Streamside Assisted Living today!

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